Reaction to Work

Usually, the initial reaction to the images in the Big Appetites series is a response to the humor.  People imagine the possibilities of standing next to a towering piece of chocolate cake or an Oreo cookie large enough to serve as a raft, floating in a glass of milk.   But I hope the deeper effect is to compel the viewer to look more closely at the world around them and to consider deeper truths about our relationship to the food that sustains us but also that we crave for comfort. I’ve heard people see these images and say, “I wish I could live in a world with oversized patisserie.”  But the truth is that excess overwhelms us and turns us against what we think we love.  Consider an exercise in which we're presented with the scenario of being on a deserted island and having to choose just one of your favorite foods to eat for the rest of your life.  In most cases, the thing we would name would be something of which we would tire quickly.