Macaron Team (2012) Residential Installation in Seattle


My fine art galleries work directly with collectors. So it is not always so transparent where my works end up. But occasionally I'll be surprised to see images of installations pop up in design magazines or on the sites of interior designers, as this one did on today on the Instagram page of NB Design Group's James Fung. Mr. Fung and his firm NB Design Group do stunning work. What an honor it is to have my work included in this gorgeous interior design. And it’s obviously also very flattering that the owners of this splendid residence have chosen to include my work in their living space.

This is piece is an acrylic-dibond mount of Macaron Team (2012) on archival metallic paper, in the rare 48x72 size. It has been a surprisingly popular piece, very much in demand with collectors, and at this point it is almost sold out in every size. The larger pieces are produced in very limited editions of three total pieces so they tend to be highly sought after. Only one 48x72” print of Macaron Team remains in inventory but I expect it will be scooped up before long.