Beyond my exposure to and knowledge of the tiny figures from childhood, one of the works that inspired this series was a project called "Travelers" by the brilliant artists Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz.  They used a palette of the same scale figures and created dioramas inside snow globes.  Some of the scenes could be whimsical or romantic.  But what I especially liked were the darker ones that were fairly disturbing.  This work was also influenced by some large dioramas by the Chapman Brothers that I saw at the Saatchi Gallery in London back in 2003. They used hundreds of hand-made figures in rather disturbing and horrific battle scenes.  It was somewhat hard to approach (which I think is a good thing and something art can and should do to challenge us) but wonderfully executed. In the time since this work has gone viral, I have become aware of other artists who have been working with similar concepts and even some who have even worked with small figures (and sometimes food).  Though I was not aware of these artists at the time I commenced work on this project, it does not surprise me that others are exploring similar ideas as, again, the elements of food and toys are the most common things to many people.