The images have a strength and a personality of their own.  But they are most often exhibited with captions that lend an extra bit of energy to the concept, and of course, often reinforce the laugh.  For instance, one of the more popular images from this series is the man spreading mustard on the hot dog.  And the caption reads:  “Gary always uses too much mustard.  But no one can say so.  It’s a union thing.”  So you have this image of a food that is often associated with the simplicity of backyard barbecues and Americana, and there is a problem that belies a greater complexity.

A more recent image is of a rotund man alone against the French fry barricaded riot police and the promise of something great if he can just get by.  The caption: “It was the precise moment that Larry knew those advanced judo lessons would pay off.”

So it adds an element of surprise and humor that things aren't simply as they appear.  That he might actually have a shot at the burger. Hopefully it gives the viewer a laugh at the expectation of events that may have followed. And again, it challenges the veracity of our first impression.