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Christopher Boffoli is a fine art, commercial and editorial photographer.  He began making visual art at an early age but only began exploring photography after he received a camera as a birthday gift in his teens.  Largely self-taught, Christopher gained experience as a student journalist in high school and college, eventually founding his own commercial photography company while he was still an undergraduate.  His broad body of current work includes editorial and documentary travel photography.  But he is best known for his Big Appetites fine art work which to date has been published in more than 100 countries around the world.  He is routinely hired to do advertising work for major brands and his fine art photographs may be found in galleries and private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.  He currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington, USA.



12.2014     Art Miami
                 Bicha Gallery 

12.2014     Photo NOLA, New Orleans
                 Guthrie Contemporary

11.2014     Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
                 Bicha Gallery

11.2014     Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
                 Bicha Gallery

10.2014     Toronto International Air Fair, Toronto
                 Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts

10.2014     Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London
                 Bicha Gallery

10.2014     Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
                 Bicha Gallery

09.2014     Korea International Art Fair, Seoul
                 Bicha Gallery
07.2014     Pop of Color! Group Exhibition, Seattle
                 Winston Wächter Fine Art

06.2014     Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London
                 Bicha Gallery

06.2014     Spring Group Exhibition, Toronto
                 Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts

05.2014     Good Taste, Group Exhibition, Houston
                 Bank of America Center

05.2014     Greenhouse Gallery, New York
                 James Beard Foundation

02.2014     Palm Springs Fine Art Fair
                 Winston Wächter Fine Art

10.2013     Amuse Bouche, Solo Exhibition, Seattle
                 Winston Wächter Fine Art

10.2013    Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto
                Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts

10.2013    Notting Hill Pop Up Solo Exhibition, London
                Flaere Gallery

06.2013    Portion Control, Solo Exhibition, New York
                Winston Wächter Fine Art

12.2012    Feast for the Eyes: Food in Art, Seattle

11.2012    Pour Tous Les Gouts, Monaco
                Galerie Carré Doré

11.2012    Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
                Flaere Gallery

11.2012    Petits Tableaux, Group Exhibition, Seattle
                Winston Wächter Fine Art

10.2012    Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto
                Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts

09.2012    Art Platform Los Angeles
                Winston Wächter Fine Art

07.2012    Liberty of Regent Street, London
                Flaere Gallery

06.2012    Edible Worlds, Solo Exhibition, New York
                Winston Wächter Fine Art

05.2012    Connaught Street, London
                Flaere Gallery

04.2012    Spring Open House, Toronto
                Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts

01.2012    Big Appetites, Solo Exhibition, Seattle
                Winston Wächter Fine Art

12.2011    Christmas Mix, Monaco
                Galerie Carré Doré

10.2011    Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto
                Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts

08.2011    Taste of Art, Group Exhibition, Monaco
                Galerie Carré Doré

12.2009    Art Walk, Seattle
                Ama Ama

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